Frenchy’s Boudin is a new product for our company. If you have enjoyed the Dirty Rice at a Frenchy’s Chicken Restaurant, you will find a similar flavor experience in our Boudin. This is a family recipe of Pork, Pork Liver and Rice with the Frenchy’s seasoning profile, enhanced with fresh chopped parsley and thinly sliced green scallions. Frenchy’s Boudin is a full flavored rice sausage that will fry, bake, or smoke and will keep you coming back for more.

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Chaurice, Frenchy's Creole Hot sausage, is our Signature sausage product. We have been producing this unique and distinctive fresh pork and beef Hot Sausage for thirty years in Houston. The Creole Hot Sausage contains "Frenchy's" (Percy Creuzot Jr.) special blend of spices and herbs with an elevated level of heat from cayenne pepper. It is a full-flavored sausage, ideal for serving with red beans and rice, as a 'Nawlins' Creole po'boy, in spaghetti sauce, in gumbo, and especially in seasoning greens and vegetables. Frenchy's Creole Hot Sausage is available for retail packed with 5 or 9 dinner links and in continuous rope bulk packed for the food service industry.

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Frenchy's Mexican Chorizo is a pork and beef product made from muscle meat only. A medium coarse grind of the meats combined with select ground peppers and vinegar, with just the right proportion of lean and fat for a satisfying flavor profile. Frenchy's Mexican Chorizo is packed in one and two pound plastic chubs for the retail and food services industries.

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