Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Sales tax will only apply to residents of the US State in which we are registered, but not to any other US state or the rest of the world.

Have questions we didn’t answer?

If you have additional questions or feedback, please contact form or call our Customer Service Department at (713) 862-2299.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept checks and money orders. Orders paid by check will usually not be processed until the funds have been verified. If you are sending a check, please make the check payable to: Frenchy’s Sausage Inc.

What if I need to return my order?

You may return an item in its original condition for a refund or credit within 15 days of receiving. Shipping charges can only be refunded if the return is due to our error. All returns must be accompanied by the packing slip. After a return has been received, it will take 1-2 weeks to process. If using a credit card, refunds will be credited to your account. If paying by check or money order, a refund check will be mailed to you.We suggest using UPS or insured Parcel Post for your protection.

What if you don’t have all of the items in stock?

If an item you ordered is out of stock, it will be back-ordered automatically (domestic orders only). For international orders, we will E-mail you of the missing items to confirm the balance of your order.

What is Cajun?

A descent of Acadian French and Indian settling in Southwestern Louisiana. In Cajun cooking, the use of pepper is highly encouraged. Therefore, the Cajun food is hot and “peppery to taste”.

What is Cobbler?

A form of pie, a deep layer of fruit covered with pastry or biscuit.

What is Creole Cooking?

It is difficult to arrive at a universally satisfying definition of Creole cooking, since it covers such a variety of diversified elements and characteristics. Our food is patterned after the style of cooking in Southern Louisiana/New Orleans, which was influenced by French, Spanish and Italian ethnic groups, which settled in this area.The single, lasting characteristic of Creole Cooking is the Black influences. Creole cooking is characterized by food that is highly seasoned with different blends of herbs and spices, and yet is not peppery to the taste. The gravies and gumbo are brown in color and tend to be thin in consistency. The red beans are creamy. Rice is a usual accompaniment to many Creole dishes.

What is Creuzot Blend Seasoning?

These are FRENCHY’S original formulas of prepackaged herbs, spices and dehydrated vegetables to be used in creating FRENCHY’S Creole-flavored Foods. These include Red Beans Seasoning, Gumbo Seasonings, Creole Cooking Seasoning and Chicken Breading Spice.

What is File’ Powder?

his is the classic thickener of Creole gumbo. It is made from ground sassafras leaves. File’ is the last ingredient added to gumbo, and there should be no further cooking.

What is MSG?

Monosodium glutamate – is a concentrated form of sodium with the power to intensify flavors. It is mainly used in cooking of vegetables, meat and fish. It seems to have no effect on sweets or eggs.

What is Roux?

Roux is a common thickener for sauces and gumbo. There are two types – white and brown roux. The brown roux is used in gumbo. It is made from a mixture of flour and shortening cooked over low heat to a golden brown color and has a pleasant baked smell.

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