Dirty Rice Mix
Dirty Rice Mix
Recipe By Percy Creuzot
When you taste our dirty rice recipe you will understand what true Creole cooking is all about.

One (1) tub CHUB Dirty Rice Mix
Three and one-half (3 ½) pounds of Long Grain Rice
Fifteen (15) 8-ounce cups of Cold Water (or up to 15 marker on Rice-O-Mat)
One and one-half (1 ½) ounces of Biscuit Dressing

Perforated Tray
Five inch (5″) Stainless Steel Pan
Mixing Spoon

Dress the interior of the Rice-O-Mat with biscuit dressing. Add 3 ½ pounds of rice, 15 cups of cold water (or up to the 15 mark on bowl) Do not wash rice. Cover with lid. Push the “ON” button down. Rice will be done when the light goes off on the Rice-O-Mat. After the rice is done, it can be kept warm for up to five (5) hours in the Rice-O-Mat.

Take one CHUB of dirty rice mix and place on perforated tray. Put in steamer for eight (8) minutes. Remove CHUB of dirty rice mix from steamer and thoroughly mix with the three and one-half (3 ½) pounds of cooked rice

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