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Pepper Steak

Frenchy's Creole Pepper Steaks are a beef and TVPP (textured vegetable protein product) patty blended with sweet bell peppers, and selected Creole spices. This is an all-muscle meat beef product; no organ or gland meat Is used. 'Creole pepper steaks are seven 'Ounces each, shaped in an oval 'pattern form, and packed twenty-seven to the case

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Red Beans

Our red beans are a creamy style recipe that originated in the Big Easy (New Orleans) and brought with the Creuzot family to the Bayou City. This is a made-from-scratch product, ready-to-serve. Frenchy's Chicken has been serving this red bean recipe as Red Beans and Rice with our Creole Hot Sausage (Chaurice) for over thirty-three years. Packed in eight and one·half pound chubs, which can be immersed in boiling water to bring to serving temperature. Frenchy's will supply on request: Baby Lima Beans, Blackeyed Peas and Pinto Beans all prepared in the Frenchy's Creole Cooking manner. All Frenchy's Creole cooking bean products are packed in the same manner with two bags to the case.

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Smoked Barbecue Links

Frenchy’s famous BBQ Link is now a convenient ready to eat sausage. Our famous BBQ Link blend of spices and seasoning with a good balance of lean to fat has been given a moderate smoking and cooked to perfection. Frenchy’s Smoked BBQ link is conveniently packed in bulk 7 inch links for food service. Also, individually packed for retail in a 2 pound Value Pack and 1 pound package.

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