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Collard Greens

The whole collard green, both leaf and stem, is used to make our Creole style "greens." These collards are triple·washed to remove even the smallest trace of sand-and earth. They are seasoned with smoked cured bacon, onions, and spices, for a truly authentic Bayou City taste. Our coUa rd greens are paCked with the flavorful pot liquor, and should be served with the liquor.

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Dirty Rice

Our Dirty Rice is a complete ready-to-use mix of chicken livers, gizzards, vegetables, and spices that can be combined with your own cooked rice. The five pound chub is packed in a boil-in-the-bag pouch. Heat the chub ,to 180°F and combine with nine pounds of cooked par-boiled rice and you are ready to serve Frenchy's Creole Dirty Rice.

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Thick with Shrimp, not just the roux, Frenchy’s Shrimp Etouffee is rich. A spicy shrimp stew of peppers, celery, onions, roux and seasonings has long been a staple Lenten offering of Frenchy’s that is always correct to serve year round.

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